The Lipstick Effect

Dear Readers,

If you are anything like myself Christmas has you all spent out which is something I think happens to the whole nation. I hate to think of people getting themselves into debt just for one day of the year but with all this austerity and gloomy winter nights sometimes you just want to throw caution to the wind and treat the ones you love. I have always tried to strike a balance with my financial affairs as I want to save as much as I can but I also would like to own the items I wish and have fun. Generally this means saying no to myself about 50% of the time but back in October when we got engaged my thoughts turned even more to money and that of saving as much as we can.

That said I still want to have little treats so I got thinking about ways I can add little touches of vintage glamour to my life for as little money as possible. During the war years there was a little something called The Lipstick Effect whereby even though money was tight and rationing was tighter still women still bought lipstick as this was a small luxury item which made a lot of difference to how they felt. So without buying a whole new outfit or a brand new fur coat they still had a little luxury in their lives.

Off then I toddled to the high street and when I want low cost make up I always make a bee line for Superdrug, and in particular their MUA range. Here you can buy a lipstick for just £1 and they have a great range of Velvetines dupes for those who are hankering after those Lime Crime products but could do without the price tag. I don't know about you ladies but a dash of red lipstick really brings out the vintage siren in me.

Left to right: Lip Liner in Red Drama, Lipstick in shade 13, Matte Lipstick in Scarlet Siren, and Luxe Lip Lacquer in Reckless

I bought the MUA Pro-Brow eyebrow kit, an eye shadow, and also their Matte Lipstick in Scarlet Siren (£1) but I also did swatches of their lip liner which I use in Red Drama (£1), their Lipstick in shade 13 (£1) and also their Luxe Lip Lacquer in Reckless (£3). Immediately after putting the Lip Lacquer on the back of my hand I regretted it because this stuff does not come off; not even when I scrubbed it with a nail brush and soap!

I love their lipstick in shade 13 because it has an orange based tone which gives it a great 1940s coral vibe; it's also quite highly pigmented for such a low cost product. With a slick of my favourite Lipcoat product this stays put surprisingly well. The Matte Lipstick in Scarlet Siren is more blue based and not as pigmented which I actually quite liked as that way you can build up to a colour that suits you. It felt nice and moisturising on my lips without being greasy and I was impressed with the longevity of the colour. I think I will use this as my workday week lipstick as it was soft on my lips and did not bleed. The Lip Lacquer, like I said, wins hands down for staying power. It's a great dupe of the Velvetines range made by Lime Crime and similar to Velvetines it is liquid but dries to be very matte. I wear this as more of a going out colour because I don't need to worry about touching it up and it's a slightly more dramatic blue based red. I do find though the doe foot applicator is difficult to get great precision with so suggest using a brush to apply.

A little bit of glamour does not have to cost the earth and with such great low cost lippys out there you can experiment with what colours suit you without feeling guilty. Have you tried these lipsticks at all? What do you do to add a little glamour to your day? I'd love to hear from you!



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Boxing Day Sales Wishlist

Dear Readers,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas which was filled with all the things you love. Something which is getting a bigger deal these days is the boxing day sales which I hear some people began queueing for at 10pm on Christmas Day. That's a little extreme for me and I much more prefer to do a spot of online shopping. For a start there's much more online that interests me and I think that the postage fee is a small price to pay for the luxury of not having to bother with the high street. We all have a few things that we had hoped to receive for Christmas or that we are particularly looking out for in the sales so here's my little wishlist of what I would like from the Boxing Day sales. I have been very good and only bought one thing, which was terribly difficult.

Vivien of Holloway has an amazing sale on at the moment and most of the things I found seem to come from this shop. I do not own anything from Vivien of Holloway which is something I would love to correct. This dress immediately jumped out at me and is their 1940's dress in Meadow Navy. I love the detailing in the design down the side and it looks like it would give you a good nip in at the waist which is something that is very important to me. I find that I don't feel as attractive if my waist is all covered up and it avoids that dreaded granny vibe that I sometimes feel with wearing vintage. This dress is a bargain £49.00 at the moment.

The next item that my heart instantly desired as soon as I saw it was these lovely swing trousers in a smart brown herringbone tweed. So stylish and practical in the current weather we are experiencing. I find these look incredibly flattering and they don't look to have the masses of fabric in the leg which most swing trousers have. While I know the large amount of fabric is a part of the style I do find it gets a little flappy and annoying. Having a side closure on trousers is also very flattering to the old tum as the fabric skims right over instead of accentuating anything. These are are bargainous £35.00 of your English pounds!

Next I tootled over to Collectif and even though their sale started before Christmas and it was so popular that it crashed their site there was still a few items to peruse. My eye was caught by this, the charming Betty Lou polka dot chiffon dress, and as I am nautical theme mad I just had to have it in navy. It looks so floaty and light for summer wear so I may have to wait until the summer before I get to wear it. While the model seems to be wearing a white slip beneath I would probably experiment with a black one as this will make the dots pop out more without being too noticeable beneath. This was only £29.75.

Freddies of Pinewood has to be one of my all time favourite reproduction brands. I own two pairs of their jeans and they are such good quality. I could wear my 1940's work jeans all of the time which is why I suppose I was drawn to this lovely little 1940s work blouse. I just loved it in peach though it is not in the sales it is still only £35.00. It's compadre in ice blue is in the sale at £25.00.

I then popped over to Lady K Loves and it's crazy but I have never even looked at this site before. It's crazy because they have so many lovely clothes that look so stunning and flattering. Now I realise I seem to have gone for mainly 1940s things and I thought this Rodeo Queen Top would be just the thing to shake it up and end on a high note. The bright red, the stars, the fringing! All of it is just so much it's amazing. Can you imagine me marching down Lincoln high street in this? I can! And for only £11.00, you heard right folks, I could cry that this is not available in my size.

Anyway folks I hope you find something lovely to treat yourselves with this boxing day. Even if you're all spent out with Christmas there's some real bargains out there for nearly any purse. While I did buy one dress I had to be very strict with myself because of my New Year's Resolution, though it could be argued that it's not the New Year yet, hhmmm how very tempting!


Why I Wear Vintage

Dear Readers,
I must apologise for having not written to you for so long. I've recently been under a great deal of stress for a number of reasons and while I feel I have got much better at handling stress I also recognised that instead of sitting in front of a laptop on my evenings and weekends what I needed was to focus on myself for a little while; have bubble baths, get back to doing the things that bring me joy, and occasionally spend a few evenings on the sofa as a blubbering mess. It's good, gets it all out.

While I have been away I have not forgotten my little corner of the internet and so I wanted to get back into it by talking about something which has been on my mind for some time. I feel I must be honest with you now and come right out with it. I don't wear vintage all of the time. And before anyone points it out I am aware of the irony that this is a self titled vintage blog and yet here I am confessing that I don't wear vintage all of the time. But how interesting that language is! I feel I am "confessing" as if this is something which shouldn't be so, which is a crime. 

I wear vintage because I enjoy it, because I want to go against the modern "norms" of what women should, and shouldn't, be wearing but most of all I wear it because it makes me feel like "me". I feel comfortable in it and as though it is a window to my personality. In my opinion what I wear is a means to display my character but that character has many different interests, expressions, facets; if I were to wear only one thing or one style I would feel very one dimensional indeed. For example some days I enjoy wearing little flowery dresses with chunky black boots; I feel the juxtaposition is interesting and it's also downright practical and comfy. 

However sometimes when I don't wear vintage I get a strange reaction from some people. As if I am out of place or do not quite fit with what their mental image of me is and they do not like it. They say in disappointed tones "oh you're not wearing vintage today" and then I feel like I've let them down for some reason which I realise is crazy. I don't wear vintage to please other people I wear it to please me. After these little encounters I usually end up with "I'm not enough" thoughts which I find most unpleasant as I sit there looking on-line at vintage shops thinking "I'm not vintage enough, I need a whole new wardrobe". 

In my life I enjoy a great many influences on my likes and passions, including the clothes I wear. I wear my clothes as ever changing painting of the personality within, to show different parts of my character or depending on different moods I am in. I hope you all dear readers feel able to express your personalities in whatever outlet works best for you. And most of all I hope you do not experience the "I'm not enough" thoughts, they are pesky yet destructive creatures, and you most definitely are enough.


Just Me

Dear Readers,
The other day I was tagged by the lovely Jess over at Just That Girl Online who I met at Lincoln Bloggers Club the other week. It's called the Just Me tag and it's a nice way for you all to get to know a little more about me. So the first part is 25 facts about me which I don't know if I can manage because I'm really not that interesting but here goes!

1. I sing classical soprano in a choir. I absolutely love singing and sing all of the time. There's something about it that I find that gives me a boost and releases lots of stress. 
2. I have been with Indi for about 3 and a half years now but I met him when I was 16 (a decade ago eek!).
3. My name is Rowena but my Mum and Indi call me Beens; though I hate it when people call me Row. Unfortunately though a lot of people do call me Row because I feel the moment has passed in which I can say anything. 
4. I'm guessing it's already quite apparent but I love vintage; particularly the 1940's and 1950's. 
5. I am a strident feminist. 
6. I have a rabbit called Philip and if you follow me on instagram you will probably see many pictures of him. He's the most handsome rabbit I have ever met, but then I suppose all bunny mummies think that. 
7. I still have my childhood teddy. He is a lion called Brian and I won him on a tombola which was raising money for the Lincolnshire Lions. 
8. I love yoga but don't do it nearly enough.
9. I have never been to a gymnasium. And I never shall. 
10. I love Hallowe'en!
11. I love my body. Isn't that a crazy thought, to love our bodies, and yet so many of us don't and actually I feel quite vain for coming out and saying it. I feel that since I have started wearing vintage I have come to accept that my body doesn't really fit in with modern beauty standards but that's not my body's fault so I'm not going to punish it or hate it and you know what? Modern beauty standards don't fit in with my body!
12. I am a nerd. Particularly a Dr Who nerd. 
13. I swear a lot which people find a bit of a shock really. I think it's because they assume I'm going to be prim and proper based on the way I look but really I think swearing is good. It's expressive and I enjoy creative swears.
14. I drink tea, earl grey, hot.
15. I love Disney movies and once someone said I am a real life Disney princess. That was a great day. 
16. I really want to visit the Deep South one day. 
17. I started wearing vintage about 4 or 5 years ago.
18. When I started wearing vintage my biggest hero was Lola Lamour and I have now met her a few times.
19. I'm quite a daddy's girl; he's honestly the most hilarious person I have ever met. 
20. I love doing my hair in different styles and I think it's the one thing I get the most compliments on. 
21. My biggest guilty pleasure music-wise is 1980s music. Well actually I don't even think I feel guilty about it. I particularly love Kate Bush and Ultravox. Oh but also I enjoy metal music every now and again.
22. I don't like the Bake Off or the Sewing Bee and yet people always assume I must love both of those shows. In fact my favourite shows are Dr Who (obviously because I am a massive Whovian) and Gogglebox. 
23. I can't stand "shabby chic" and think it is better described as shabby vandalism. 
24. I enjoy sewing, or more accurately I enjoy the idea of sewing. 
25. I have an older sister, Jess, she lives in London and writes what not over at Two Thirds Nerd

Wow I made it, but trust me there was lots of tea consumed to get this far. But wait, there's more! I now have to answer some questions. 

Add caption
1. What is the meaning behind your blog name?
Well I pretty much chose it because I wanted people to instantly know that this was a blog about vintage and I'm based in Lincoln. 

2. Best thing that happened to you this year?
Indi proposed to me and after snatching the ring out of his fingers I said yes. I can't say any more otherwise it will get really saccharine and I don't want to inflict that on you, dear readers. 

3. Why do you blog?
I'm not totally sure really. I think I started because we go to so many vintage events throughout the year that I wanted to record them in a way but more lately I think I am going to blog as a way of keeping a diary of the things that make me happy.

4. What are you afraid of?
The UKIP party getting to power. 

5. One beauty product you would recommend to your readers?
I'm really not a beauty blogger and tend to stick quite rigidly to my same old routine. I guess the thing I love the most is distilled which hazel. It can be a bit strong if used neat on your skin but my skin is fine with it. I use it as a toner because it is an natural astringent but it's also great for cuts, bites, bruises, you name it! My friend once told me that I am like the Dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding only I'm obsessed with which hazel and he is obsessed with window-lean. 

So anyway folks I hope that was interesting or if it was boring that it lulled you into the most amazing sleep you have had for a long time. I am going to tag Miss BothaMr Wharff, and Nella to tell us some facts about themselves or answer the above questions.


East Bridgford Hill Wedding Fair

On Sunday we attended our first ever wedding fair at East Bridgford Hill. East Bridgford is not very far away from Lincoln, about 40 minutes, and yet we have never been over that way. When we saw the fair advertised it said the fair had a vintage twist so we were very interested to see what there was on offer. When we arrived we were greeted and immediately directed towards the mulled wine, off to a good start! Everyone was so friendly and there were stalls in all the rooms which was fun to wander around and explore though I did feel like I was nosing around someone's home and thought we might get caught at any time. 

 We loved seeing the flowers made by the lovely and very talented Bryony at Ledger's Florals and I got all giddy holding the bouquets. I think it still hasn't quite sunk in so when we do things like look at wedding rings or look at flowers it gradually becomes more real and "this is happening" and then I get all goofy as my Dad would say. We really loved the orchid buttonhole flower because orchids are special to us since we went to see the orchid exhibition at Kew Gardens for one of our first dates.
Like I said we had a really wonderful time and everyone was so helpful and nice but my only slight bugbear was that it didn't seem all that vintage to me. Maybe it's because we are very interested in the 1940s and 1950s and have been for so long but even then we have never been too particular about everything being period accurate so long as we are happy. But more and more these days I really wonder just what constitutes as vintage. Oh dear that sounds like a right moan and it wasn't meant to be; perhaps it is a ponder for another blog post one day!


Exciting Announcement!

Dear Readers,

Something very exciting happened in our little house after we got back from Whitby. We were sitting on the sofa discussing the weekend and had just finished watching Doctor Who; well when I say discussing I was actually giving Indi a ticking off for not having proposed to me while we were away. "Do you know how freezing cold I got walking up and down that pier thinking you were going to propose?" I demanded. He looked down and then to my actual surprise pulled out a ring from his pocket. I frantically waved my hands over it saying "no no no!" but only because I then felt that I had forced him into the situation when it might not be right. He repeated said will you marry me until I realised that this was it, he was determined to propose and as it happened it was the right time; for us anyway. On the sofa watching nerdy telly is something we really love and I have such wonderful times with him laughing and being dorky. Well once I had realised that I promptly stopped saying no, said yes and popped that ring on my finger.

And that ring! Oh it's only 1920's sapphire and diamond set in white gold with a yellow gold band. It is my most prized possession and I love everything about it. It's vintage, romantic, and not too flashy. I like that the diamonds are small as I've never been a big diamond kind of girl. I like the arrangement too and it reminds me of two stars and the night sky. Anyway I really am getting soppy now, aren't I!

Anyway there is it folks; sorry about the photograph but it was taken just after he had proposed, and yes those are my pyjama's in the background!


Lincoln Bloggers Club 2014

Dear Readers,

Yesterday I attended my first ever blogger meet up which was amazing! I have to admit that beforehand I was pretty nervous and even unsure about going as I was worried it would be purely beauty bloggers there and that my blog wouldn't really fit in with that. How wrong I was as there were all sorts of bloggers there including a human rights activist blogger! Still this post is a shift away from the vintage and is more in the lifestyle direction of my blog.

The first part of the afternoon was spent at Lush who did lots of demonstrations of their products for us and even some exclusives on products which are not yet out in the shops. What really caught my eye was the lipsticks though; this is no surprise as I'm a massive lipstick addict. They had quite a large range of colours were actually a liquid applied with a doe foot applicator. Like the Velvetines by Limecrime and their corresponding dupe Luxe Lip Lacquer by MUA they dry matt and are highly pigmented. I was very taken with these products but so close to Christmas I refrained as Velvetines are actually on my Christmas list already. I did, however, treat myself to a bath bomb and I also bought a Christmas present for someone else.

After that we headed over to Rock, Paper, Scissors for afternoon tea and also a demonstration by Suzie at Xenica products. They have a great range of organic and cruelty free skincare and make up products. They also do nutritional products and she kindly swapped the eye shadow gifts she had given us all for a pot of their Five a Day +V as I really never wear colourful eyeshadow. I'm really looking forward to trying this product out as it provides the same nutritional content as 5 fruit and veg. Being a pescetarian I feel I already have a relatively healthy diet but I occasionally take supplements when I feel I need it.

The demonstration took place while we helped ourselves to a lovely afternoon tea which was put on for us by Rock, Paper, Scissors. I already love this place and if you have never been then I highly recommend you do! I have done three classes with her now and have made a shift dress, half circle skirt, and a tea dress. I love them all plus you get a slice of cake at the end; or very close to the end when you start to get a little grumpy and need a little pick me up!

All in all it as a great afternoon but what I loved the most was meeting other bloggers in the area who I had no idea were out there. Finding out about them, their style, and what they enjoy writing about was really interesting. Thank you so much to Aimee over at aimee belle blog for organising such an interesting and friendly event.


Pickering War Weekend 2014

I cannot believe how quickly time has flown and yet again Pickering War Weekend has been and gone thus marking the final event of the year for us. What a weekend it was and one that never disappoints. Like every year we stayed over in Whitby and then travelled in to Pickering each day and prefer doing this as we love to spend time in Whitby too. We have many rituals that we like to do while we are there such as walking down the pier and having fish and chips at the Magpie Cafe.

We stayed at the Riviera B&B again this year after being so happy with the room last year and the owner's, Emma and Zed, kind generosity. They helped us out of a tight spot when at 10pm we were sat in the car on the West Cliff wondering what to do as we had no where to stay that night. Luckily this year we both had the Friday booked off work so instead of the drive over being a mad panic we were able to take our time about it and enjoy the journey.

After getting settled in to our lovely room we went out in search of dinner. I have to say I was very disappointed with where we went which was quite a let down since for years we had been saying we wanted to go. After that we went for a walk down the pier while the sun was setting. The sky was beautiful and we couldn't believe how good the weather was. There was a distinct nip in the air but really it was much milder than I was expecting it to be. That said I still ended up getting quite cold as I went out without a coat so we headed back to our room and I jumped straight into a hot bath.

On the Saturday, after scoffing our full English cooked breakfasts, we popped over to visit a vintage fair in the pavilion first since it was only over the road from the B&B. I snagged myself a lovely black lizard skin 1930s handbag so the day was off to a pretty good start. Then we hopped over to Pickering; the weather was still generally quite nice and we enjoyed wandering around in the great atmosphere. We spent a large part of the day at the show ground as there is a shuttle bus there for only £1 each way and there's a lot more space since Pickering does get a little crowded in certain parts. Also there's lots of shopping to do there so can you blame me? At the show ground they have singers and performers inside on the stage and battle re-enactments out on the grass. After heading back into Pickering we met up with some friends for a quick drink before going back to Whitby for dinner at the Magpie Cafe.

The Sunday was spent wandering around Whitby in the morning as is our usual ritual. We hiked up the steps to the abbey, which I always love doing, and wandered around the little cobbled streets. I love Whitby so much with it's little cobbled streets and dark corners leading to mysteries. We sat for a while in the warm sunshine on the West Cliff but as time got on we decided to head over to Pickering again and spend the afternoon in the village since we hadn't seen all of it on the Saturday. At about 4pm we had to set off back for Lincoln as we didn't want to be home too late since it was school in the morning.

The year has just flown by and it only feels like the other day I was getting ready for Woodhall Spa 1940s weekend but here we are in October and there will be no more events for us now until the spring. At least there will be Christmas to look forward to and hopefully I will be able to begin my sewing projects now that the hectic summer is over.


Goodbye VeRA

This summer the only other airworthy Avro Lancaster in the world, Canada's VeRA, made the massive trek from Hamilton, Ontario, to England to join with the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) Lancaster here in our very own RAF Conningsby, Lincolnshire. Now I'm no plane buff but even so I was pretty excited about this as I highly doubt it will ever happen again in my lifetime, or ever. However, from the moment she arrived it seemed my chance to see her fly would be plagued with ill-fate for one reason or another. When she arrived in Lincolnshire on 8th August they were supposed to do a flypast of Lincoln Cathedral but it just so happened that at the same time the heavens opened and it was cancelled due to the weather; that was fine by me though as I was at work and unable to leave my desk. I consoled myself with the fact that this was a two month tour and fly pasts were scheduled to take place at a number of the events we were planning on attending this summer. Thanks to the British weather and mechanical issues with VeRA they were all cancelled. 
Photograph courtesy of Michael Hill at

Those two months flew past and before I knew it VeRA was due to fly home on the 23rd August. The day before I had read that a final flypast was scheduled for 10.15am and my heart sank as I had an appointment for 10am which I was certain would not be finished in 15 minutes. That morning I dealt with my appointment as arranged and everyone else went out to witness this historic moment. I wasn't annoyed this time like I was when she had arrived, I was just deflated and had resigned myself to the fact I would never see it happen. I watched the clock and while my appointment took longer than 15 minutes it was relatively quick; no one had come back in the building which meant that it hadn't happened yet, VeRA was true to form and reliable in her unreliability. She was running late! As soon as I was able I was rushing down the corridors hoping to at least catch a glimpse.

When I got outside everyone was still standing with their eyes to the skys; I joined the crowd and was informed that VeRA was running late. The weather was stunning, a far cry from the experience of when they arrived two months previously, the sky was a beautiful shade of blue and the Cathedral, which always looks amazing on the skyline, was standing tall and strong. The atmosphere was lovely as everyone was happy to be sharing the occasion and cracking jokes, particularly when a pair of the numerous swans of Lincoln flew overhead. 

Before we saw anything we heard the engines; the distinctive low thrum. Goosebumps shot up on my arms and we all looked around the sky to see where they were coming which was, in fact, behind us. They headed straight for the Cathedral and watching them fly with that as their landmark again was wonderful. The moment lasted just minutes, if that, and we watched until those great machines were mere dots. During the time they were flying over everyone was pretty much quite but after as we headed back towards our building everyone was chattering. 
Photograph courtesy of Michael Hill at

For me, and some others, it felt really quite emotional and I was just so elated that when I had totally given up seeing them something was on my side. I also felt that what I had just experienced was a tiny glimpse into a past window. The noise was what really struck me and they had even set a couple of car alarms off but back in the war the skies over Lincolnshire would have been filled with them which I couldn't begin to imagine. I also thought of what an experience it must have been for the Canadian crew to come all of this way and how their whole route over the UK would be lined with people, like ourselves, hoping to catch a glimpse and enjoying the historic moment. Those were my thoughts but my heart was with everyone who had lost their lives; the 10,695 servicemen who died while flying with Bomber Command during the Second World War.


Woodhall Spa 1940s Weekend

On the 19th and 20th of July this year we went to the Woodhall Spa 1940's weekend which we look forward to attending every year. The event is only in it's 3rd year but right from the very beginning it has felt very well established which I think it due to it being so well organised. Plus the entire village seems to take part so it has always been quite large and well attended. This year was busier than ever with a jam packed schedule of singers, fly pasts, speeches, and re-enactments. And not to mention the shopping, oh the shopping!

The first year we went back in 2012 I had the time of my life because it was the first time I ever met Lola Lamour. We chatted to her and Kevin for a little while and I think just grinned like an idiot. I wore my trusty blue and white gingham sailor dress which I think I wore this year too because it's just so comfortable. I bought the dress from Etsy and wear it all the time in the summer.

In 2013 we went along with our friend Zac and again the event did not disappoint. We saw Lola perform but unfortunately didn't get to speak to her though we did manage to catch Brandyn Shaw performing outside the Petwood. He really is a fabulous performer and while we watched him we had a cream tea which really was wonderful. Indi and Zac just looked too handsome in their suits that day.

I wore and outfit which I had bought at the Festival of the Forties not long before we went to Woodhall Spa. The trousers are reproduction but I forget who made them. It's funny because I must have only worn them once since then even though at the time I was totally in love and thought they were the bees knees. Oh dear I am a fickle creature! 

And finally this year we went along again and all over again had a wonderful time in one of my favourite little towns (is it a town or a village?). I wore a wonderful little cornflower blue dress which I bought from Tasty Vintage here in Lincoln. It's actually from the 70's but is 40s looking when styled properly. 

It did rain a fair bit on the Saturday morning but that didn't seem to put folks off and Sunday the weather was wonderful anyway. We really this event for all the reasons I said before plus we just love this little place anyway. One day soon I shall have to show you the Kinema in the Woods they have there because it's just the most wonderful thing. Do you have any events in the year which you really look forward to above all others?


Outfit Post - Baston in the Blitz

Dear Reader,

Just a quick little post to show you my outfit from a couple of weeks ago when Indi and I went to Baston in the Blitz. It was a really lovely little wartime event held just on the Sunday in the village of Baston. We hadn't particularly made plans to go to it as we didn't know where Baston was but that weekend we were staying at my parents house while they were away. On the Saturday we were driving down to Market Rasen as we had booked a table in the new Iron Horse Ranch House which is an American Bar and Grill; if you are ever in the area their food is amazing. Anyway on our way down we spotted a sign for Baston and since it wasn't far away at all thought we would swing by on the Sunday to see what it was all about. It was a lovely event with some great performances from the likes of Lola Lamour and a wonderful community spirit. There was even an impromptu sing along outside the beer tent with a pearly king and someone playing the spoons!
Jeans - Freddies of Pinewood
Blouse - London Boots
Belt - Frockahula
Sunglasses - ebay 

The Asylum - Lincoln Steampunk Festival 2014

Dear Reader,

I hope you are enjoying these early September days as much as we are when it begins to feel autumnal but it's yet to turn cold. In early September every year Lincoln every year uphill Lincoln is invaded with Steampunks and Retro-Futurists for the Asylum Steampunk festival which is the largest purely Steampunk event in all of Europe. I find that quite amazing and as it it right on our doorstep, it quite literally used to be when I lived uphill, we have attended every year albeit the first year it was on was purely by accident. I love it when other unsuspecting folk stumble upon it and wander around in awe, part of me hopes they think Lincoln is like this all of the time as it's a wonderful event to behold.

We love Dieselpunk as it's of the eras we already collect and enjoy the science-fiction slant that is added which makes it so creative. The other events we attend during the year are so much fun but you do get some who will comment that you button is 2mm too big to be period accurate where as, I have found, at The Asylum everyone is just so wonderful and looks upon it more as an overall aesthetic rather than niggling over if there's polyester in your fabric.

I tried a little harder with my outfit this year as Indi had found me some cool round sunglasses and had made me a hydra, from Captain America, badge but I need to get more inventive with the science-fiction. Nevertheless people were still very complimentary on our outfits and some even snapped our pictures. Yesterday I wore a reproduction dress made by Collectif, which I wore last year also, with a hat I bought from Twinwood festival a couple of years ago. I also wore some very impractical shoes which fit me last year but seemed to slip off my feet all the time yesterday. In the end I went home and changed into my pair of Miss L Fire shoes; a perk of living so close by, but they also slipped a bit as I walked. I think I've lost weight only on feet, it's the only explanation I have!

Today I was wearing a far more sensible outfit but still felt quite special and got a few compliments. The best compliment of the day came from The Vampire Master from over on The Fedora Lounge. He asked if he could take our photograph and as we were chatting I realised he looked so familiar. Although I no longer go on The Fedora Lounge very much any more I remembered him because he's always so well dressed.

My outfit today was more 1940s than Dieselpunk and I wore a skirt which I picked up from the Kustom Kulture Blast Off show the other weekend with a sunny yellow jumper that I bought from La Vida Vintage here in Lincoln. The skirt is St Michael and as soon as I saw the fanning kick pleat at the back I knew I had to have it. I must apologise though because I didn't think to get a picture of it.

We didn't buy wristbands to get into all of the attractions as we find that just wandering around the Bailgate and castle gives us plenty to do. We were glad that we did go into the castle as when we were there they had a Steampunk wacky races thing. This was a lot of fun and I really hope they elaborate on this next year; it would be fun as a Steampunk version of the Chap Olympiad.

I already can't wait for next year's Steampunk weekend and have already begun planning outfits including an aviator ensemble. Did you go to the Steampunk weekend? If you did I hope you had a wonderful time and will return next year. We certainly will so I hope I will see you there!


About Me

Hello fellow time travellers! Thank you very much for stopping by and I hope you rest a while before continuing on your way.

My name is Rowena and I live in the historic city of Lincoln in England with my boyfriend and fellow time traveller, Indi. By trade I work for Adult Social Care and have done since I was 19. About four years ago I began to be interested in the fashion of the mid-twentieth century thanks to the beautiful Lola Lamour. I watched a documentary called Time Warp Wives in which she starred and I remember it was a total revelation. I was hooked and watched the 30 minute show repeatedly, still do from time to time! I have always loved different eras from the 60's in my childhood to the 80's in my teens but as I grew older I felt I should dress "normal" in an effort to be more adult. I never really felt like I was being myself and wished there would be a style where I could be individual and yet still feel others would take me seriously. I feel that finding vintage has helped me to express my personality through my outward appearance and achieve that balance.

My style tends to vary between actual vintage and a rockabilly twist and Indi and I spend our weekends in the summer attending events for the 1940's and also some rockabilly shin digs too. I'm not too bothered about being 100% accurate and prefer to wear what I feel happiest in so I try not to limit myself to just one decade. We both love the aesthetics of the 1920's to the 1950's. Most days I wear either vintage, vintage-style / rockabilly and the dream is to have a full vintage wardrobe one day; I'm working on it!

I hope you enjoy visiting my blog and reading all the things we have been up to. If you feel like dropping me a line I would enjoy that ever so much and I always welcome feedback of any kind. If you wish to email me you can do so here.