Boxing Day Sales Wishlist

Dear Readers,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas which was filled with all the things you love. Something which is getting a bigger deal these days is the boxing day sales which I hear some people began queueing for at 10pm on Christmas Day. That's a little extreme for me and I much more prefer to do a spot of online shopping. For a start there's much more online that interests me and I think that the postage fee is a small price to pay for the luxury of not having to bother with the high street. We all have a few things that we had hoped to receive for Christmas or that we are particularly looking out for in the sales so here's my little wishlist of what I would like from the Boxing Day sales. I have been very good and only bought one thing, which was terribly difficult.

Vivien of Holloway has an amazing sale on at the moment and most of the things I found seem to come from this shop. I do not own anything from Vivien of Holloway which is something I would love to correct. This dress immediately jumped out at me and is their 1940's dress in Meadow Navy. I love the detailing in the design down the side and it looks like it would give you a good nip in at the waist which is something that is very important to me. I find that I don't feel as attractive if my waist is all covered up and it avoids that dreaded granny vibe that I sometimes feel with wearing vintage. This dress is a bargain £49.00 at the moment.

The next item that my heart instantly desired as soon as I saw it was these lovely swing trousers in a smart brown herringbone tweed. So stylish and practical in the current weather we are experiencing. I find these look incredibly flattering and they don't look to have the masses of fabric in the leg which most swing trousers have. While I know the large amount of fabric is a part of the style I do find it gets a little flappy and annoying. Having a side closure on trousers is also very flattering to the old tum as the fabric skims right over instead of accentuating anything. These are are bargainous £35.00 of your English pounds!

Next I tootled over to Collectif and even though their sale started before Christmas and it was so popular that it crashed their site there was still a few items to peruse. My eye was caught by this, the charming Betty Lou polka dot chiffon dress, and as I am nautical theme mad I just had to have it in navy. It looks so floaty and light for summer wear so I may have to wait until the summer before I get to wear it. While the model seems to be wearing a white slip beneath I would probably experiment with a black one as this will make the dots pop out more without being too noticeable beneath. This was only £29.75.

Freddies of Pinewood has to be one of my all time favourite reproduction brands. I own two pairs of their jeans and they are such good quality. I could wear my 1940's work jeans all of the time which is why I suppose I was drawn to this lovely little 1940s work blouse. I just loved it in peach though it is not in the sales it is still only £35.00. It's compadre in ice blue is in the sale at £25.00.

I then popped over to Lady K Loves and it's crazy but I have never even looked at this site before. It's crazy because they have so many lovely clothes that look so stunning and flattering. Now I realise I seem to have gone for mainly 1940s things and I thought this Rodeo Queen Top would be just the thing to shake it up and end on a high note. The bright red, the stars, the fringing! All of it is just so much it's amazing. Can you imagine me marching down Lincoln high street in this? I can! And for only £11.00, you heard right folks, I could cry that this is not available in my size.

Anyway folks I hope you find something lovely to treat yourselves with this boxing day. Even if you're all spent out with Christmas there's some real bargains out there for nearly any purse. While I did buy one dress I had to be very strict with myself because of my New Year's Resolution, though it could be argued that it's not the New Year yet, hhmmm how very tempting!



  1. What lovely choices,I would buy them all if I could especially that western blouse! In Liverpool apparently there were people queuing outside of shops on 6pm Christmas day, now I love a bargain but not that much!

    1. Same here! I love a bargain but I also like being warm and not standing up all night. It feels like things have gone crazy here lately with this and Black Friday.
      I especially love the western blouse too.

  2. Wow I wouldn't be able to go shopping on the sales days. In fact, I don't like shopping at all and barely never find something I like. I prefer to shop online as well! Or to go directly on the shop I love and most of time I already checked on their website what I would like to try!

    I like everything you chose! I am in hurry to see you wearing all the items you bought!

    1. I hate going into town when it's busy too. If I do have to go I like to be in and out as fast as possible and then reward myself by visiting my favourite vintage shop afterwards.
      I only bought one thing, the nautical dress, but will post as soon as I receive it!