Crich Tramway Village 2016

Dear Readers,

Suddenly! As if from nowhere spring appeared, then quickly retreated again! But the clocks have changed so officially it is British Summer Time so after a long, old winter the days are now longer, the sun has warmth to it again, and there's so much promise of the year to come. The daffodils bobbing their bright faces around makes me so happy and finally I feel like I can shed my winter cocoon. Also you get a Bank Holiday at this time of year too which makes nearly everyone really happy. Easter Bank Holiday means mainly two things in our household; eat loads of chocolate weekend and the first 1940's weekend of the year!

Twice a year, in April and August, Crich Tramway Village hold a 1940's weekend within the museum. We went again this year for the Easter one since we enjoyed it so much last year. If you haven't been Crich is a museum filled with trams some of which you can ride up and down. When you pay at the door you are given your national identity card and an old penny so you have everything you need for when the conductor comes round! It's not huge but we find there's plenty to keep us occupied all day and the pub is beautiful. We appreciate a good pub in this family!

This year we went along with friends Mike, Rachael, and Billy. It's always nice to go along with other folks and I must admit I got rather giddy; zip line brolly jousting anyone? That was until we were watching some singing and one of the singers had a roving microphone. I find roving microphones incredibly sobering; it's a very British affliction.

Crich is a great event and really gets me excited for all the other events the year has in store. I told Indi I'm already excited for Pickering but we have quite a few other things happening before then, like getting married, so I shouldn't wish my time away! Here's a few pictures Billy took from the day. Isn't Rachael an absolute Betty?

I hope you all had wonderful Easter weekends. Did you do anything you enjoyed? What are you looking forward to most this summer? Thanks for stopping by and a big thank you to Billy for letting me use his photographs. He's really rather good!