Lincoln Bloggers Club 2014

Dear Readers,

Yesterday I attended my first ever blogger meet up which was amazing! I have to admit that beforehand I was pretty nervous and even unsure about going as I was worried it would be purely beauty bloggers there and that my blog wouldn't really fit in with that. How wrong I was as there were all sorts of bloggers there including a human rights activist blogger! Still this post is a shift away from the vintage and is more in the lifestyle direction of my blog.

The first part of the afternoon was spent at Lush who did lots of demonstrations of their products for us and even some exclusives on products which are not yet out in the shops. What really caught my eye was the lipsticks though; this is no surprise as I'm a massive lipstick addict. They had quite a large range of colours were actually a liquid applied with a doe foot applicator. Like the Velvetines by Limecrime and their corresponding dupe Luxe Lip Lacquer by MUA they dry matt and are highly pigmented. I was very taken with these products but so close to Christmas I refrained as Velvetines are actually on my Christmas list already. I did, however, treat myself to a bath bomb and I also bought a Christmas present for someone else.

After that we headed over to Rock, Paper, Scissors for afternoon tea and also a demonstration by Suzie at Xenica products. They have a great range of organic and cruelty free skincare and make up products. They also do nutritional products and she kindly swapped the eye shadow gifts she had given us all for a pot of their Five a Day +V as I really never wear colourful eyeshadow. I'm really looking forward to trying this product out as it provides the same nutritional content as 5 fruit and veg. Being a pescetarian I feel I already have a relatively healthy diet but I occasionally take supplements when I feel I need it.

The demonstration took place while we helped ourselves to a lovely afternoon tea which was put on for us by Rock, Paper, Scissors. I already love this place and if you have never been then I highly recommend you do! I have done three classes with her now and have made a shift dress, half circle skirt, and a tea dress. I love them all plus you get a slice of cake at the end; or very close to the end when you start to get a little grumpy and need a little pick me up!

All in all it as a great afternoon but what I loved the most was meeting other bloggers in the area who I had no idea were out there. Finding out about them, their style, and what they enjoy writing about was really interesting. Thank you so much to Aimee over at aimee belle blog for organising such an interesting and friendly event.


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  1. A blogger meeting! How could is that! I want to attend one too now!