East Bridgford Hill Wedding Fair

On Sunday we attended our first ever wedding fair at East Bridgford Hill. East Bridgford is not very far away from Lincoln, about 40 minutes, and yet we have never been over that way. When we saw the fair advertised it said the fair had a vintage twist so we were very interested to see what there was on offer. When we arrived we were greeted and immediately directed towards the mulled wine, off to a good start! Everyone was so friendly and there were stalls in all the rooms which was fun to wander around and explore though I did feel like I was nosing around someone's home and thought we might get caught at any time. 

 We loved seeing the flowers made by the lovely and very talented Bryony at Ledger's Florals and I got all giddy holding the bouquets. I think it still hasn't quite sunk in so when we do things like look at wedding rings or look at flowers it gradually becomes more real and "this is happening" and then I get all goofy as my Dad would say. We really loved the orchid buttonhole flower because orchids are special to us since we went to see the orchid exhibition at Kew Gardens for one of our first dates.
Like I said we had a really wonderful time and everyone was so helpful and nice but my only slight bugbear was that it didn't seem all that vintage to me. Maybe it's because we are very interested in the 1940s and 1950s and have been for so long but even then we have never been too particular about everything being period accurate so long as we are happy. But more and more these days I really wonder just what constitutes as vintage. Oh dear that sounds like a right moan and it wasn't meant to be; perhaps it is a ponder for another blog post one day!


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  1. Wow, this seemed great! I am not sure we have this kind of event here... I'll have a look!
    Do you plan to have a vintage wedding?