Exciting Announcement!

Dear Readers,

Something very exciting happened in our little house after we got back from Whitby. We were sitting on the sofa discussing the weekend and had just finished watching Doctor Who; well when I say discussing I was actually giving Indi a ticking off for not having proposed to me while we were away. "Do you know how freezing cold I got walking up and down that pier thinking you were going to propose?" I demanded. He looked down and then to my actual surprise pulled out a ring from his pocket. I frantically waved my hands over it saying "no no no!" but only because I then felt that I had forced him into the situation when it might not be right. He repeated said will you marry me until I realised that this was it, he was determined to propose and as it happened it was the right time; for us anyway. On the sofa watching nerdy telly is something we really love and I have such wonderful times with him laughing and being dorky. Well once I had realised that I promptly stopped saying no, said yes and popped that ring on my finger.

And that ring! Oh it's only 1920's sapphire and diamond set in white gold with a yellow gold band. It is my most prized possession and I love everything about it. It's vintage, romantic, and not too flashy. I like that the diamonds are small as I've never been a big diamond kind of girl. I like the arrangement too and it reminds me of two stars and the night sky. Anyway I really am getting soppy now, aren't I!

Anyway there is it folks; sorry about the photograph but it was taken just after he had proposed, and yes those are my pyjama's in the background!



  1. What wonderful news! huge congratulations lovely.

  2. Aww lovely! Congratulations!! :-) xxx

  3. Congratulations! I am really happy for you! All my good wishes for you both!