Pickering War Weekend 2014

I cannot believe how quickly time has flown and yet again Pickering War Weekend has been and gone thus marking the final event of the year for us. What a weekend it was and one that never disappoints. Like every year we stayed over in Whitby and then travelled in to Pickering each day and prefer doing this as we love to spend time in Whitby too. We have many rituals that we like to do while we are there such as walking down the pier and having fish and chips at the Magpie Cafe.

We stayed at the Riviera B&B again this year after being so happy with the room last year and the owner's, Emma and Zed, kind generosity. They helped us out of a tight spot when at 10pm we were sat in the car on the West Cliff wondering what to do as we had no where to stay that night. Luckily this year we both had the Friday booked off work so instead of the drive over being a mad panic we were able to take our time about it and enjoy the journey.

After getting settled in to our lovely room we went out in search of dinner. I have to say I was very disappointed with where we went which was quite a let down since for years we had been saying we wanted to go. After that we went for a walk down the pier while the sun was setting. The sky was beautiful and we couldn't believe how good the weather was. There was a distinct nip in the air but really it was much milder than I was expecting it to be. That said I still ended up getting quite cold as I went out without a coat so we headed back to our room and I jumped straight into a hot bath.

On the Saturday, after scoffing our full English cooked breakfasts, we popped over to visit a vintage fair in the pavilion first since it was only over the road from the B&B. I snagged myself a lovely black lizard skin 1930s handbag so the day was off to a pretty good start. Then we hopped over to Pickering; the weather was still generally quite nice and we enjoyed wandering around in the great atmosphere. We spent a large part of the day at the show ground as there is a shuttle bus there for only £1 each way and there's a lot more space since Pickering does get a little crowded in certain parts. Also there's lots of shopping to do there so can you blame me? At the show ground they have singers and performers inside on the stage and battle re-enactments out on the grass. After heading back into Pickering we met up with some friends for a quick drink before going back to Whitby for dinner at the Magpie Cafe.

The Sunday was spent wandering around Whitby in the morning as is our usual ritual. We hiked up the steps to the abbey, which I always love doing, and wandered around the little cobbled streets. I love Whitby so much with it's little cobbled streets and dark corners leading to mysteries. We sat for a while in the warm sunshine on the West Cliff but as time got on we decided to head over to Pickering again and spend the afternoon in the village since we hadn't seen all of it on the Saturday. At about 4pm we had to set off back for Lincoln as we didn't want to be home too late since it was school in the morning.

The year has just flown by and it only feels like the other day I was getting ready for Woodhall Spa 1940s weekend but here we are in October and there will be no more events for us now until the spring. At least there will be Christmas to look forward to and hopefully I will be able to begin my sewing projects now that the hectic summer is over.


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  1. You're both so adorable, I love your couple, so sweet!