Woodhall Spa 1940s Weekend

On the 19th and 20th of July this year we went to the Woodhall Spa 1940's weekend which we look forward to attending every year. The event is only in it's 3rd year but right from the very beginning it has felt very well established which I think it due to it being so well organised. Plus the entire village seems to take part so it has always been quite large and well attended. This year was busier than ever with a jam packed schedule of singers, fly pasts, speeches, and re-enactments. And not to mention the shopping, oh the shopping!

The first year we went back in 2012 I had the time of my life because it was the first time I ever met Lola Lamour. We chatted to her and Kevin for a little while and I think just grinned like an idiot. I wore my trusty blue and white gingham sailor dress which I think I wore this year too because it's just so comfortable. I bought the dress from Etsy and wear it all the time in the summer.

In 2013 we went along with our friend Zac and again the event did not disappoint. We saw Lola perform but unfortunately didn't get to speak to her though we did manage to catch Brandyn Shaw performing outside the Petwood. He really is a fabulous performer and while we watched him we had a cream tea which really was wonderful. Indi and Zac just looked too handsome in their suits that day.

I wore and outfit which I had bought at the Festival of the Forties not long before we went to Woodhall Spa. The trousers are reproduction but I forget who made them. It's funny because I must have only worn them once since then even though at the time I was totally in love and thought they were the bees knees. Oh dear I am a fickle creature! 

And finally this year we went along again and all over again had a wonderful time in one of my favourite little towns (is it a town or a village?). I wore a wonderful little cornflower blue dress which I bought from Tasty Vintage here in Lincoln. It's actually from the 70's but is 40s looking when styled properly. 

It did rain a fair bit on the Saturday morning but that didn't seem to put folks off and Sunday the weather was wonderful anyway. We really this event for all the reasons I said before plus we just love this little place anyway. One day soon I shall have to show you the Kinema in the Woods they have there because it's just the most wonderful thing. Do you have any events in the year which you really look forward to above all others?



  1. I have myself a lot of 70s dresses which actually look like 40s!
    I like that gorgeous chap and his incredible mustache. My fiancé would be jealous!

    1. 70's or 80's does 40's dresses are a god send! Cheaper than 40's dresses and usually machine washable too.
      Zac is very handsome!
      Rowena x