Things I Have Learnt About Myself Via The Medium of Wedding Planning

Dear Readers,

I don't know if I have mentioned to you but two years ago after a wonderful weekend at Pickering War Weekend Indi, my wonderful time travelling companion, proposed to me. It was a beautifully romantic setting, I was looking radiant in my pyjamas and make up which I was smudging around with a face wipe, and we had just finished watching Doctor Who when he whipped his ring out. Since then the wedding has been and gone and I feel I've learnt a few things about myself, or at the very least it has highlighted things I already knew about my character, which I thought I might share with you.

1. I don't like being rushed. We had thought we would be engaged for a little while before wedding planning would commence but everyone's first question to us was immediately "when is the date?". We both found this a little annoying because we really wanted to just enjoy the engagement part where as everyone else seemed to want to rush on to the end point. In the end every time we told someone we would also follow it up with "but no, we don't know when the date will be".

2. I'm disorganised. Well actually I feel I am very organised but to the untrained eye it looks like mess. I kind of know what I'm doing and I had a folder which I stuffed all bits of paper in and only looked at once a month. But if anyone wants to come sort through that folder for me though I will not kick you out.

3. I hate "official" stuff. This includes making phone calls, writing letters, attending appointments, receiving paperwork, and anything to do with financial transactions. It makes me nervous because seriously I was only 13 years old yesterday and now some bank has given me a credit card, people expect me to make decisions, and there can be repercussions. It's crazy and weird; I'm not happy about it.

4. I am future focused. I really don't understand the "wedding industry" and in fact it actually kind of annoyed me. I don't know why pinterest tells me that the most important thing to plan is my make up routine or why tiny bits of nothing which people throw away anyway are so needed to make our big day perfect. The amount of money it all costs my blows my mind anyway so I would rather save that money and put it towards our home together because spending my life with Indi is what I am most excited about.

5. I am pragmatic. One of the first things we did was look at our guest list which my kindhearted other half found a very difficult task as he seemed to want to share the day with absolutely everyone. I'm still to discover who Claire and Malcolm are but Indi was very certain he should like to have them at the wedding. I'm an Aquarius and if you set much stock in that kind of thing then you may know that Aquarians can be detached to the point of hardheartedness. When I went through my guest list I had a rule I followed to help me determine whether to invite someone or not. I would ask myself this question "would I walk up to this person in the street and give them £50?". After that we completely ignored our guest list anyway and just picked the cheapest option so the question I had then was "who are my most favourite 15 people?".

6. I am in love. Throughout all of the stress of organising the wedding at no point did I ever think to myself it was not worth it because being with him for the rest of my life was truly worth all of it. We both wanted the same things and had the same thoughts about the wedding that there were no "discussions". We both feel that the day was utterly perfect in every way we wanted and we have had so many people tell us how much they enjoyed the whole thing. We have a whole life together ahead of us and that is what we want to be special more than anything else.


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