Memory Walk - Clumber Park

Evening folks!

I have been for a long soak in the tub and coated myself in numerous Lush products to unwind after a busy Monday. This weekend we got up to a fair bit and the weather has turned really autumnal which we are really enjoying. Autumn is potentially my favourite season so I might just have to write about that at some point.

On Saturday we were out enjoying a beautiful and bright autumn morning since we went on a Memory Walk in Clumber Park. It really was very picturesque and I'm quite surprised that we have never been over there since it is not far from Lincoln. I loved the misty morning with bright shards of light cutting through the oak woods. We agreed that we really must take part in this time of the morning more often since getting up that early on a Saturday was quite a novelty for us!

The Memory Walk was for the Alzheimer's Society and we really enjoyed taking part. It was very well organised and I would definitely take part in one again. There was a short 3km walk and a long 9km one so you could chose which to do depending on how far you are able to walk. Lots of people also brought their dogs so we spent the whole time cooing over gorgeous pups!

What did you get up to this weekend? Have you ever done a Memory Walk?

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