Preparing for Pickering

Dear Readers,

Sorry for a little break in posting the past couple of days but I am starting to realise why this is called a challenge; because it's not easy! If you have one or two days where you are not on the ball before you know it you can be really behind and rushing to play catch up.

Right now I am making plans for next weekend because it's Pickering War Weekend. I am really excited for Pickering as it is one of the largest vintage events we attend in the year and it is also one of the first major events Indi and I did together so it is a bit special for us. Plus we like to make a weekend of it and have a long weekend away.
At my first ever Pickering back in 2011
Last year to save money we went in my parent's caravan and stayed at the showground rather than staying in a B&B at Whitby. While Indi likes being in Whitby and out of the fray I did enjoy being so close. After the success of camping last year we have decided to do it again though this time we are staying at a proper campsite with full amenities. We are also carvanning with two of our favourite people Mike and Rachael! We have asked for pitches next door to each other and if I'm totally honest I think this is what is exciting me most about the weekend.
In Whitby last year
Having had some big expenses lately, like a wedding to pay for, I haven't been able to buy anything new to wear for Pickering this year. This means I will be going through my wardrobe this week and checking what still fits and is clean. Important mending will have to be done also so that I look smart. It's really difficult being next to Rachael sometimes because she has the most amazing vintage wardrobe I have ever seen!

We haven't been to as many events this year because of the wedding so I am really looking forward to Pickering and having a long weekend away.

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