5 Things Vintage Means to Me - Events

Hi there folks!

How are we all doing? I've been thinking about doing a little series of posts for a while about what vintage means to me so I'm very excited to get started on this subject. Vintage isn't just about clothes to me because there are so many other things which I have found go hand in hand with this amazing scene and I thought I would start it off with the events.

Very early on when I started getting into vintage I began to go to events and when I look back I kind of feel that it goes hand in hand. I remember the first time Indi and I went to some events and we just thought everything was amazing. Having been to quite a few I feel like we now know what events work best for us but we still love going to them and try to attend as many as we possibly can during the year.

Since Lincolnshire has such as rich history of RAF bases we have a fair few 1940's events happening locally to us. Since we do civilian clothing we tend to enjoy the home front type events particularly those that take place in towns or villages. We love the feeling when the community gets involved and all the decorations are out. I also like them because pavements are easier to walk on in heels than grass!

Events are great places to meet people, check out other people's vintage style, and do a spot of shopping. I really feel that attending events has helped us not only get more into vintage but it also holds our enjoyment for the scene. It's just grown and grown for us and I'm so happy we got into it.

So, how do we find out about all of these events? Well at the beginning of the year when I get my new diary I like to trawl through the internet and find all of the dates for the rest of the year; though I will go back through periodically and update this. I go through websites like Friends of the Forties and Rod's 1940's calendar to find out what is going on throughout the year.

Facebook is also really helpful and I'm a member on a few pages which also lets you know what's going on. If you find that there are no or few events near you then facebook is really helpful for connecting with other fabulous vintage folks. I'm a member of Ohh Laa Laa Vintage Swap and Sell on facebook and with friends we have arranged meets with other OLL members in the area and created our own mini event. Another page on facebook great for meeting with other vintage folks is 1940's/1950's Most Marvellous Meet Ups. You can either connect online or arrange your own meet up; just be careful who you befriend as Indi will attest to in the picture below!

Have you been to any events? What are your favourite events to go to? Let me know!


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