Post Wedding Relief and Exciting Plans For Blogtober

Ahoy hoy folks!

Well we did it. Indi and I are now married and I can tell you the sense of relief is amazing. It was quite a stressful journey as I already am a highly strung person anyway and then I also had to organise a whole flipping wedding. We're out the other side though and we are already starting to look towards the next big grown up thing on the horizon, house buying. We have a plan for our savings and since we were very frugal with the wedding coming in at about £5000 for the whole thing we're not too badly in debt so can get pretty much straight on with the task of saving. We made a budget and have set out how much spending money we each have a week so I'm going to have to get creative with mine since I still want to have lovely new outfits to wear. I think mine will be mainly clothing rations and the sewing machine is going to be cracked out to help me through it.

One of the frustrating things I found about wedding planning, and about myself as well, is that if I wasn't doing something for the wedding then I felt guilty so a lot of the things I enjoy fell by the wayside. But I also struggled to feel motivated to do things for the wedding, because when faced with a large and stressful task which feels insurmountable to me I tend to shut down, so nothing really got done. The blog now needs some serious tending and since I don't have as much spending money as I previously did I'm hoping that I will fill my time with more frugal activities and blogging, which is free for me, is one of those on the list.

So I thought to myself what can I do to come back to my blog with a bit of a big bang? I want a bit of a fanfare and to provide lots of interesting content for people. I got my thinking cap on and realised that Blogtober is coming up! Blogtober, for those who have not heard of it, is a challenge where you attempt to write a blog post for every day in the month of October. This is a pretty hefty challenge considering I think blogging once a week is strenuous!

I have wanted to do Blogtober for the past couple of years but always seemed to remember it too late in the day to really be able to give it my all. One of the other things which really put me off was content; being able to provide that much content which was relevant and interesting seemed like a pretty big call especially for me as I don't want to fall into the trap of content for contents sake (and I don't ever have that many ideas for blog posts anyway haha!).

I didn't want this to just be yet another big bag o stress balls in my life because having just got over the wedding I really want to relax and take it easy for a while. I have given myself plenty of time to plan for this Blogtober in the hopes that being prepared will make it more manageable. I have planned out a large amount of posts but have left some flexibility in there to be able to react to things which are happening at the time. I feel like I have some interesting pieces in there including a 5 part series which I am really excited about and also some more generally chatty pieces about myself and the things I love. Shockingly it's not all about vintage but I wanted to show all aspects of myself and not just the preened vintage side. For a while now I have been wanting to make my blog into more of a record of happy things rather than rigidly being about vintage so I'm hoping the content I have planned for Blogtober will help to deliver this.

Let me know your thoughts on Blogtober! Are you planning to do Blogtober yourself or do you have any suggestions for me of posts you would like to see?


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  1. Congratulations to you both, enjoy being newlyweds! x