My Birthday - JD McPherson

Dear Readers,

It's my birthday tomorrow! It's very exciting, not because it's a particularly special birthday, but because I just like it. I don't mind getting older but it does freak me out a bit when I look back at how long ago it was since I left school. Since my birthday has fallen midweek I have done the only sensible thing and had celebrations on both the weekend before and the weekend after. Well to be precise I am doing a grand total of three things for my birthday this year, just because I can!

On Thursday I went to visit my sister, Jessica, in London as I tend not to get to see her for my birthday. We had arranged to goo and see JD McPherson too and my present from my Mum was my train fares so it was a nice little low cost trip. I have been wanting to see JD McPherson for over a year now, since the last time he toured England, so jumped at the chance of both visiting my sister and seeing him play at the same time. It was actually my Mum who first suggested his music to me and the rhythm and blues / rock and roll feel to his music does not disappoint. What I really love about it is the the kind of mutant blues under current there is to his music and I also feel that it is not too niche that it discourages a wide range of people from enjoying his style; in fact at the gig there was a really wide range of folks there.

Recently I have lost a little bit of weight, though I don't know why because I haven't been trying. But it's nice all the same as I am now able to wear some things in my wardrobe that haven't properly fitted me for a while. I was really pleased with my outfit which I wore both to travel down to London and also to see JD McPherson. The blouse was given to me by a friend and even though it didn't fit me very well I couldn't bear to let go of it as the print and style is so pretty. In fact I like it so much that when I saw a dress on ebay in the same print and style I had to snap it up! So I'm so happy to be able to wear it again and really pleased I didn't get rid of it when it didn't fit me. There are benefits to being such a hoarder!

Blouse - from a friend but originally H&M
Jeans - Freddies of Pinewood
Cardigan - New Look
Pumps - New Look

And finally I just had to include this picture because, you know, my milkshake brings all the cats to the yard, and they're like... "I'm lactose intolerant, why would you do this to me?"


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