Rufford On The Home Front 2014

Dear Readers,

Way back in the last weekend of September last year Rufford Abbey in Nottinghamshire had their annual On The Home Front event. We went on the Sunday as the Saturday had two different vintage fairs on here in Lincoln which was too good of a shopping opportunity to miss. The weather was glorious for late September and it really turned into scorching hot day. We were really excited for this event as we have been to the Grand Historical Bazaar at Rufford Abbey for a few years now and always enjoy it but had yet to make it to the home front event. While there we had a lovely lunch sat out in the sunshine, met up with some lovely friends who we hadn't seen for far too long, and enjoyed the atmosphere and performances. I received a wonderful compliment from a group of singers who thought I was a performer too; I have no idea where they got that idea from but I thought it was kind all the same. We also met a lovely chap called Tony who some wonderful pictures of us just as the sun was beginning to turn golden and the day was drawing to a close. Tony recently sent me the link to his images and I just had to share them with you. Let me know what you think!

He must do something wizzy to the images when he edits them because there's something about them that feels quite authentic and I love the texture in the photographs. The rest of Tony's photography can be found here and I highly suggest you go check them out; he's really very talented.


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