My Birthday - Dreaming Of Kate

Dear Readers,

I think I have mentioned this before but I am a massive Kate Bush fan! I think she's just wonderful and I listened to her a lot in my late teens. When she did her live performances I was gutted that I wasn't able to get tickets as I was at work when the tickets went on sale and they sold really quickly; I also couldn't afford it at the time. On our way walking past the Lincoln Theatre Royal a few weeks ago I noticed that there was a Kate Bush tribute performance playing there the weekend before my birthday. I was very excited about this and pestered Indi until he bought me tickets for my birthday!

It was such a wonderful show and they did so well in capturing everything I love about Kate. There was about a million costume changes and the singer must be one fit and healthy lady because she didn't stop dancing all the way through. She also had Kate's mannerisms down to a fine art! They played all of the songs I love and when they started playing Running Up That Hill there was a little hiss of excitement from me and a few others I was sat near. As we age our voices change and the range we can achieve changes too. I was told that when Kate Bush did her live performances that she didn't sing the classic songs like Wuthering Heights. So going to see a tribute act means that you get to see these songs you love performed live and done to a very high standard. I also like that you can meet the performers afterwards as the are always in the lobby when you leave the theatre. More places should do this and then I won't have to stand outside in the cold for ages!!

Anyway it was a wonderful evening and I loved dressing up "Kate Bush inspired" in a very romantic blouse and tousled hair. This wasn't the end of my birthday fun though as the following weekend Indi had also booked a table for us and my parents at one of my favourite places, The Iron Horse Ranch House. It was a great evening but unfortunately I didn't get any photos as I was too busy having fun!

How do you like to celebrate your birthday? Is it a quiet affair or a big bash? I like to do smaller things rather than have a big party but I do enjoy getting my money's worth and it was great having three birthdays this year!


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