February Sewing Project 2015

Dear Readers,

For my February sewing project I cheated again and made the full, gathered skirt from Gertie's Blog For Better Sewing. I have wanted a skirt like this for such a long time and suddenly inspiration took me when I saw it again on Pinterest and I was reminded of how much I wanted one. I had a free weekend and some fabric in my stash so there really was only one thing for it!

I'm so pleased with the finished product and feel my sewing skills have really come on leaps and bounds just by following the instructions. A novel idea, I know! I'm most proud of how well the gathering turned out as I sought advice from my Auntie Margaret ages ago about it. On the previous skirt I made I just sort of made it up as I went along and the gathers were very uneven. This time around I remembered to make two rows of running stitches, not one, and I also put pins in at the half and quarter way points so I could match these up to ensure an even amount of fabric all the way along. 

There is more fabric in the skirt than was called for as when I came to cut it out I realised the width of my fabric was only a few more inches than the pattern so I didn't bother cutting it and just used it all. I feel that these extra inches have made a difference and my skirt is extremely full. That said I absolutely love it and it's the first sewing project I have made on my own and I have worn it repeatedly and confidently. I love it in black because then I feel comfortable wearing it to work but I have also dressed it up with my beloved Sophia wedges for a night out. Versatile is this skirt's middle name and I have also worn it with tights, a t-shirt and converse for a relaxed and comfy weekend look.

I'm wearing my "me made" skirt with a Bardot top from Primark and and my Sophia wedges from Rocket Originals. What do you think folks? Have you got any projects in the pipeline? Perhaps you have made this skirt too from Gertie's blog? I'd love to hear from you, drop me a line!


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